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*Contact lenses

Contact lenses


Some days when you feel like giving rest to your spectacles, contact lenses come to the rescue. They help us to see, yet remain almost unseen in the eyes. Be it your first day in college or an interview, a social function or a quiet evening with friends, a date or a sports match, Contact lenses would bring out the best in you. They are available as Single use, reusables, daily wear, extended wear, nightwear and more. Bifocals, multifocals, colored, lenses are available. Speciality lenses, for dry eyes, irregular eyes, diseased eyes, red-green colour blind eyes are routinely fitted. See the list on the right and email us for more information about the most ideal lens for you.

However we would prescribe lenses only after a thorough evaluation of your eye condition and suitability of contact lenses. At Saoji Vision Care we give safety of your eyes a first priority!