*Eye exam

Eye Examination & Binocular Vision Assessment


Examination of eyes in Saoji Vision Clinic is done using all the latest equipment by Optometrists who have experience in dealing with varied Vision ailments.

Checking the eyes for eyesight is only the beginning of any eye exam. The clinic also houses all Original Bernell equipment to measure the functioning of eye muscles. This is extremely important as both the eyes having good eyesight, work as a team to give you Vision. Even if the eyesight is 100% but good vision is absent, the eyes cannot give you all the information that you would need to understand the surroundings.

The eyes are then evaluated on a microscope to ensure things are fine even at the micro level. The Retina is checked to ensure that the eyes are free from problems at the back part.

Our speciality eye exams include Contact lens examination, Binocular vision assessment, Low vision assessment and Myopia profiling

Vision is our business and we do it the best, however during the examination if we come across any abnormality that is not our area of working, a proper referral is suggested to ensure a complete care of your eyes and the visual system.