Eye Exersices

Eye Exercises

Weak eye muscles often cause unexplained loss of concentration, eye strain, headache, poor focussing ability inspite of wearing correct power in spectacles. Our eyes are made to function primarily for distance and very little for near, however todays demands for much more for near and less for distance. With more time being spend indoors performing near vision tasks, our eye muscles often get fatigued and need exercises. Every one is health conscious these days and does some form of exercises for the body but rarely for eyes and we used eyes for better part of our day!

Eye Exercises should be done by almost everyone to help eyes have better co-ordination with each other.

If you have a specific complaint of eye strain, headache, lack of concentration or poor focussing that we strongly recommend that you fix up an appointment for Binocular vision assessment for proper diagnosis and understand the specific schedule of eye exercises.