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Eye Examination & Binocular Vision Assessment


Examination of eyes in Saoji Vision Clinic is done using all the latest equipment by Optometrists who have experience in dealing with varied Vision ailments.

Checking the eyes for eyesight is only the beginning of any eye exam. The clinic also houses all Original Bernell equipment to measure the functioning of eye muscles. This is extremely important as both the eyes having good eyesight, work as a team to give you Vision. Even if the eyesight is 100% but good vision is absent, the eyes cannot give you all the information that you would need to understand the surroundings.
The eyes are then evaluated on a microscope to ensure things are fine even at the micro level. The Retina is checked to ensure that the eyes are free from problems at the back part.

Vision is our business and we do it the best, however during the examination if we come across any abnormality that is not our area of working, a proper referral is suggested to ensure a complete care of your eyes and the visual system.

Vision Therapy


Only eyes that work as a team can see Vision (3D), what we see with one eye is eyesight, where as we need vision to get most information from our surroundings. The eye muscles have to be in good health for fast adjustments to the different distances that we wish to see. If this is affected our reading speed is slow, and the performance in the school suffers.

During examination if any weakness is found, it can be rectified using home exercises, of Computerized eye exercises or exercises in the clinic.

This is called as Vision therapy.
Check out our Eye gym gallery for the exercise equipment that we work with.


Contact lenses


Some days when you feel like giving rest to your spectacles, contact lenses come to the rescue. They help us to see, yet remain almost unseen in the eyes. Be it your first day in college or an interview, a social function or a quiet evening with friends, a date or a sports match, Contact lenses would bring out the best in you. They are available as Single use, reusables, daily wear, extended wear, nightwear and more. Bifocals, multifocals, colored, lenses are available. Speciality lenses, for dry eyes, irregular eyes, diseased eyes, red-green colour blind eyes are routinely fitted. See the list on the right and email us for more information about the most ideal lens for you.

However we would prescribe lenses only after a thorough evaluation of your eye condition and suitability of contact lenses. At Saoji Vision Care we give safety of your eyes a first priority!




Proper selection of the frame would get you a light spectacle which will not cause marks on nose and would be cosmetically better accepted apart for being comfortable and giving clear vision. The frame size and design would depend on your prescription and the nature of your work. Selection of the right lens material makes a big difference.

Many lens enhancements are available that can add value to your spectacles. Scratch resistant coatings, anti-reflection coatings, Oleophobic coatings, UV coatings, anti-static coatings can be added to a spectacle lens.

Lenses are available as normal, impact resistant, shatterproof and unbreakable materials.

Progressives are available for 40+ age groups and can be made in basic, digital, free form semi-customized and fully customized designs with 100% adaptation guarantee.

Customized Artificial eye


When you loose an eye, it hurts psychologically. Artificial eye completes the face and provides the confidence to overcome the loss.

The eye is made by impression technique with hand painting and gives a close match with the original eye. The impression material is injected in the socket to get the accurate impression from which the mold is made.

The advantages include better movement, very little discharge and a comfortable fit. Semi customization is also available, where in the fit of a ready stock eye is modified for a perfect centration, and some times even colour matching is done. Not as effective as full customization. Ready stock eyes are also available.