*Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy


Are you suffering from unexplained eye strains and headaches or have lack of concentration while studying, you may be having problems related to weak eye muscles. If eye muscles are weak or excessively strong for near, they can cause Minus number to increase. Hence it is advisable to get Binocular Vision Assessment done for every student and every person who engages in excessive close work.

Only eyes that work as a team can see Vision (3D), what we see with one eye is eyesight, where as we need vision to get most information from our surroundings. The eye muscles have to be in good health for fast adjustments to the different distances that we wish to see. If this is affected our reading speed is slow, and the performance in the school suffers.

In the Vision Therapy department we have original Bernell equipment and VTS 4, worlds best diagnostic and therapy system for all Amblyopia & Binocular vision problems. Headaches Eyestrain, lack of concentration in studies or near work are problems related to Binocular vision. These can be cured in short time with amazing results